A brave girl

One day as she was going home from a nearby shopping centre Mary was given a lift by a stranger and that was the beginning of her new love affair.

The man was rich and had many wives and children, Mary and the man began to meet every evening at the shopping centre.

After meeting Mary for few days the man told her that a friend of his wanted a girl-friend ‘’don’t you know of anyone? You could come with one of the girl’s from your school next time.’’

Two days later, Mary  asked Esther to escort her to the trading centre, ‘’please Esther, escort me I feel so sick and I want to get some medicine,’’ pleaded Mary, Esther was a kind girl she agreed to escort her friend because she was convinced by her friend.

When they reached the place a certain car was  packed out- side the trading centre, the man and his friend were seated inside the car, suddenly Mary entered inside, she told Esther to get inside the car but Esther refused.

When Esther turned to go back home, she was pulled inside the car and the man drove as quickly as they could, ‘’where are you taking me?’’ Mary  asked. ‘’we are going home’’ Esther answered.

When they reached their village, the car didn’t stop, they accelerated speed  to the next village, but thank God for Esther knew  this village very well.

when they reached the place Mary and her lover entered  a certain bar with her lover while Esther was left behind with the other man outside the car.The man tried to kiss Esther but she refused.

The man was beaten under his groin by Esther and then she ran away and eft the man writhing in pain.

When Esther reached home she was shocked by her friend’s behavior although she was as happy as a king in palace for escaping rape.


A suffering child

I know you know that this behavior of child abuse is still a major problem to many young growing children worldwide.

There is this friend of mine whose Parents died some years back. She had been staying with a step mother and a step father. Her step mother has been very cruel to her from the time her parents died.

Every morning, her step mother gives her duties to attend to, by the time she is done, she is already late for school, hence she is forced to stay at home. She is pretty bright, but the slavery she is undergoing, is denying her a chance to be an academic champion.

she gives her work to do and she does not let her go to school.  She always beat her and treats her like a slave. The girl is very bright academically but she luck’s an opportunity to go to school which for me is a right to education because every child has a right to education.     

I am appealing to the government to make education compulsory, and heavy punishment should be issued to those who violate it.


My Life

My name is Grace Wanjiru. I’m a 15-year-old born and raised in the Kiamaiko Slum in Kenya. I’m a student at Undugu Basic Education School in Mathre. For the first ten years of my life I had a mother and father and several older sisters and brothers.

Although poor, this first stage of my life I had few remarkable events and in telling of it, I can say little more than that mentioned. In 2005, everything changed. My father contacted Malaria and Died.

Before he died, my father was the only family member bringing in money for the household. After his passing, my teenage sisters became responsible for supporting our family and helping me go to school. To do so they took on odd jobs, mainly washing clothes. 

My mother was unable to assist due to the fact that when my father died she was 6 months pregnant with twins. Furthermore, besides having high blood pressure, my mother contacted TB and typhoid during her last months of pregnancy. Although she was taken to the hospital for treatment, the cost was beyond our means and we were forced to bring her back home.

Due to the family increasing level of poverty, my brother, out of need and idleness, became involved in petty crimes, including theft. One night, we received bad news that he had been shot and killed by the police. However no reason was given for the cause of the shooting. The news sent my mother back to the hospital due to her high blood pressure but once again we could not afford the costs of care.

 On our way back home, we came upon the body of my brother, still lying in the street. After speaking with the police, my sister discovered that my brother had not been caught in the middle of a crime or fleeing a scene. Rather, a police officer saw him, knew that he was a wanted criminal and shot him in the back.

I dream of one day finishing my education and working in a hair salon with my sister. When I grow up, I want to help my mother and if I have enough money I would like to help street children living in the slum. In the future I also want to work with the youths and help them to advocate for better life in the slums.

I thank teacher Martin and Joseph for helping me to share my stories to the whole world through blog writing in Digital storytelling project for Advocacy.


Every now and then I walk to school, on my way, I always feel pity for most of the children who are never lucky to attend school on a daily basis the way I do.

They toil on a daily basis from morning till evening to make ends meet financially  in their families, but the few coins they earn on a daily basis never satisfy their needs as compared to education they would have gotten instead.

In Kiamaiko market, parents have made their children look after the goats,  for each goat they look after, they are paid sh 10, making them spend the whole day, so that the few coins may  be equivalent to notes.

With these few notes they make, they take it home to feed their families, as they spend it on food, clothing and shelter, hence denying them a chance to make use of pen and ink in school.

If only they could get a person who values education, these children would be able to better their future and be self reliant in life.

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